A plethora of sachets

I'm still cranking out the lavender sachets. I love how I can use up scraps of fabric or repurpose an apron or a tea towel into cute, useful lavender sachets. I'm still hoping to get some onto my Etsy site but I keep giving them away! :-)

So here's my latest pile of sachets.

First I cut out a bunch of different sizes and shapes of the heart using the fabric from the thrift store aprons. Then I sewed the back and front together leaving an opening for the lavender. Added the lavender then sewed up the opening. And then they were done!

I used one of my cookie cutters for this one - I have large and small heart shaped cookie cutters which would be perfect for a set of sachets. Cookie cutters are so great to use as patterns for ornaments, sachets... And for felt applique projects!

Here are the sachets I've been sewing so far.

Next I want to use this tea towel from the thrift store. I'm going to try different shapes - maybe squares or maybe a leaf shape!

I also found this mauve fabric I used for some pillow covers out of the vintage apron. I can combine these for more sachets. Sooner or later I'll move on to something new and exciting but am super happy with this project.

This weekend I'll post another quick and dirty upcycling project... Found some funky items yesterday at the Lions Gate Thrift Store that I want to fix up this weekend. Yay!

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