Wall of kewlness is growing

Slowly but surely my wall of kewlness is getting pretty darn filled with goodness. I scored a couple of FAB finds at the Lions Gate Thrift Store the past week or so.

Remember these? I picked them up for $2.50/each.

I painted them grey...

Then added a coat of white paint...

Then added some metallic silver...

And then roughed them up a bit. So now they're greyish/silver with a bit of shabby chic-ing.

This weekend I hung them up. Love that whole nail and hammer thing.

Did you notice my brass swallows? I also grabbed these from the Lions Gate Thrift Store. I think I paid under $5 for them. They're kind of fun!

Now it's time for some sewing projects... And even some Valentine's Day projects. Lovin' this weekend!

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