Valentine's Day upcycling project #3

Another quick and dirty Valentine's Day project is in the works! And it's easy! Yay! I only have 3 lavender sachets done at this point. I'll be making more and trying a few other patterns, etc. I used upcycled fabric for my sachets - both fabrics are from thrift store aprons.

Here are my cutie patootie sachets. So sweet!

Here's the fabric and the heart pattern I've been using.

I picked up a bunch of loose lavender from a tea shop by work - I figure I can make at least a dozen sachets! Be warned anyone whose a friend of mine - you may be getting your very own, handmade by Denise sachet in the near future!

First I cut out the front and back and then pinned them together along with the addition of a ribbon. For this fabric I'm using a bright green thread for the stitching.

First I stitched up 90% of the sachet leaving a small opening for adding the loose lavender.

Here's my make-shift funnel for inserting the loose lavender. I thought this would help minimize the mess - apparently not. I have lavender everywhere!

Once I filled the sachet up with lavender, I then stitched it up and voila! My sachets are done! The sewing is primitive I guess but I like the quick and dirty... Hmmm 'basic' look of my sachets.

Best wishes to everyone for a FAB Valentine's Day - may you give the love, share the love and feel the love! :-)

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