Valentine's Day upcycling project #2

And here's my second Valentine's Day upcycling project - an owl stuffie made from old wool sweaters. Cute-o-rama! I also used some old buttons then added a bit of felt applique.

Here's my pattern for the stuffie.

I decided to use wool from a felted turquoise cardigan. Here's my rough idea for the initial felt applique.

Here's the front and back... I added colourful wings to make it more fun. I also used the pocket part of the cardigan for the back so there's a sleeve to store something in.

Next was adding some text to the heart - 'you're a hoot'.

The text isn't perfectly placed but works well with the heart.

I then stitched up the sides using a buttonhole stitch. I stitched everything but the bottom then filled it with eco fill. Then finished stitching along the bottom. And it's done!

Here's the final owl... Cutie patootie!

Here's the back of my stuffie with the pocket. Perfect for a gift card or sappy note. Who knows!

Next I want to make lavender sachets for friends using scrap fabric. Fun!

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