Valentine's Day upcycling project #1

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! I have no sweetheart so I'm making gifties for friends. I have a few projects I want to try. First project was upcycling some scrap wool and fabric. First I'm decorating my mini tree with hearts. I made three this week.

My inspiration was this blog post by you make it simple. It's a tutorial for upcycled sweater hearts. They're super cute!

I created my own heart pattern then collected ribbon, wool sweater and fabric scraps.

I found bits of this super fun retro fabric I had. It's from a vintage apron I picked up at the Salvation Army ages ago. I also used scrap grey wool to frame the front and use for the back.

I pinned the fabric to the wool so I could sew a heart shape.

I then cut the heart out of the wool so the fabric peaked through - thankfully I managed to get the birds and heart showing through. I also stitched the ribbon to the back.

Next was stitching the sides using a buttonhole stitch. I also stuffed the heart with eco fill then sealed the heart up.

Here's my first heart. These are super easy and fast to make!

Next I made a couple of hearts using some turquoise wool. I also wanted to add some text to these.

I cut a heart out of white felt and used yellow thread for the stitching.

Next I needed to stitch the felt heart to the wool heart...

I stitched some ribbon to the back then stitched the front and back together. I filled it with eco fill and here it is!

Here's my third heart...

My favourite is this one. I'm going to use this fabric for another Valentine's Day project. Yay for upcycling!

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