Upcycled linen coasters - love 'em!

Well I've been away so haven't been too crafty these days. I went to Victoria for a few days to see friends this past weekend. Next weekend I'm heading to my old stomping grounds - the Sunshine Coast. I'm going to take some photos of the Sechelt dump and then the Gibsons Recycling Depot. I want to start working on my presentation for the Craft Council of BC talk about Craft and the Environment. I'll keep you posted on further details!

Anyways I'm back to cranking out lavender sachets - my new favourite project. Easy, useful and perfect for using upcycled materials!

Here are 4 linen coasters I picked up at the thrift store ages ago. They were $1 or so. They seemed perfect for lavender sachets.

I used some free linen I got from a friend. Brown linen was a good fit to go with the coasters.

I pinned the linen coasters to the brown linen...

I stitched most of the sachet leaving an opening along the top for the lavender.

I added the lavender then pinned the opening so I could stitch it closed.

I used a pink thread for the stitching.

Here are my 4 linen coasters that are now uber lovely lavender sachets. I'm going to revisit my Etsy store - I started one then never ended up getting it going. Now I figure these are a great starting point for items to sell via Etsy.

And I still have a bunch of lavender for more sachets!

Also I've been cutting up fabric - I have a pile of hearts to fill with lavender. Yay!

Man oh man I am loving sewing, crafting & making kewl stuff from upcycled pieces.

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