Upcycled linen coasters - love 'em!

Well I've been away so haven't been too crafty these days. I went to Victoria for a few days to see friends this past weekend. Next weekend I'm heading to my old stomping grounds - the Sunshine Coast. I'm going to take some photos of the Sechelt dump and then the Gibsons Recycling Depot. I want to start working on my presentation for the Craft Council of BC talk about Craft and the Environment. I'll keep you posted on further details!

Anyways I'm back to cranking out lavender sachets - my new favourite project. Easy, useful and perfect for using upcycled materials!

Here are 4 linen coasters I picked up at the thrift store ages ago. They were $1 or so. They seemed perfect for lavender sachets.

I used some free linen I got from a friend. Brown linen was a good fit to go with the coasters.

I pinned the linen coasters to the brown linen...

I stitched most of the sachet leaving an opening along the top for the lavender.

I added the lavender then pinned the opening so I could stitch it closed.

I used a pink thread for the stitching.

Here are my 4 linen coasters that are now uber lovely lavender sachets. I'm going to revisit my Etsy store - I started one then never ended up getting it going. Now I figure these are a great starting point for items to sell via Etsy.

And I still have a bunch of lavender for more sachets!

Also I've been cutting up fabric - I have a pile of hearts to fill with lavender. Yay!

Man oh man I am loving sewing, crafting & making kewl stuff from upcycled pieces.


Valentine's Day upcycling project #3

Another quick and dirty Valentine's Day project is in the works! And it's easy! Yay! I only have 3 lavender sachets done at this point. I'll be making more and trying a few other patterns, etc. I used upcycled fabric for my sachets - both fabrics are from thrift store aprons.

Here are my cutie patootie sachets. So sweet!

Here's the fabric and the heart pattern I've been using.

I picked up a bunch of loose lavender from a tea shop by work - I figure I can make at least a dozen sachets! Be warned anyone whose a friend of mine - you may be getting your very own, handmade by Denise sachet in the near future!

First I cut out the front and back and then pinned them together along with the addition of a ribbon. For this fabric I'm using a bright green thread for the stitching.

First I stitched up 90% of the sachet leaving a small opening for adding the loose lavender.

Here's my make-shift funnel for inserting the loose lavender. I thought this would help minimize the mess - apparently not. I have lavender everywhere!

Once I filled the sachet up with lavender, I then stitched it up and voila! My sachets are done! The sewing is primitive I guess but I like the quick and dirty... Hmmm 'basic' look of my sachets.

Best wishes to everyone for a FAB Valentine's Day - may you give the love, share the love and feel the love! :-)


Valentine's Day upcycling project #2

And here's my second Valentine's Day upcycling project - an owl stuffie made from old wool sweaters. Cute-o-rama! I also used some old buttons then added a bit of felt applique.

Here's my pattern for the stuffie.

I decided to use wool from a felted turquoise cardigan. Here's my rough idea for the initial felt applique.

Here's the front and back... I added colourful wings to make it more fun. I also used the pocket part of the cardigan for the back so there's a sleeve to store something in.

Next was adding some text to the heart - 'you're a hoot'.

The text isn't perfectly placed but works well with the heart.

I then stitched up the sides using a buttonhole stitch. I stitched everything but the bottom then filled it with eco fill. Then finished stitching along the bottom. And it's done!

Here's the final owl... Cutie patootie!

Here's the back of my stuffie with the pocket. Perfect for a gift card or sappy note. Who knows!

Next I want to make lavender sachets for friends using scrap fabric. Fun!


Valentine's Day upcycling project #1

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! I have no sweetheart so I'm making gifties for friends. I have a few projects I want to try. First project was upcycling some scrap wool and fabric. First I'm decorating my mini tree with hearts. I made three this week.

My inspiration was this blog post by you make it simple. It's a tutorial for upcycled sweater hearts. They're super cute!

I created my own heart pattern then collected ribbon, wool sweater and fabric scraps.

I found bits of this super fun retro fabric I had. It's from a vintage apron I picked up at the Salvation Army ages ago. I also used scrap grey wool to frame the front and use for the back.

I pinned the fabric to the wool so I could sew a heart shape.

I then cut the heart out of the wool so the fabric peaked through - thankfully I managed to get the birds and heart showing through. I also stitched the ribbon to the back.

Next was stitching the sides using a buttonhole stitch. I also stuffed the heart with eco fill then sealed the heart up.

Here's my first heart. These are super easy and fast to make!

Next I made a couple of hearts using some turquoise wool. I also wanted to add some text to these.

I cut a heart out of white felt and used yellow thread for the stitching.

Next I needed to stitch the felt heart to the wool heart...

I stitched some ribbon to the back then stitched the front and back together. I filled it with eco fill and here it is!

Here's my third heart...

My favourite is this one. I'm going to use this fabric for another Valentine's Day project. Yay for upcycling!


Wall of kewlness is growing

Slowly but surely my wall of kewlness is getting pretty darn filled with goodness. I scored a couple of FAB finds at the Lions Gate Thrift Store the past week or so.

Remember these? I picked them up for $2.50/each.

I painted them grey...

Then added a coat of white paint...

Then added some metallic silver...

And then roughed them up a bit. So now they're greyish/silver with a bit of shabby chic-ing.

This weekend I hung them up. Love that whole nail and hammer thing.

Did you notice my brass swallows? I also grabbed these from the Lions Gate Thrift Store. I think I paid under $5 for them. They're kind of fun!

Now it's time for some sewing projects... And even some Valentine's Day projects. Lovin' this weekend!


My gorgeous 'new to me' necklace

Here it is - my necklace renovation. I love it!! The wood, the jump rings and the necklace work perfectly together!



The whole update was super cheap - $1 for the original necklace, the wood is a scrap piece of doorskin, the necklace was given to me and the jump rings are from a keychain. It was hard to find large enough jump rings. I just happened to come across these ones and they look great!

Here's a side view of the aluminum and doorskin. You can see how the jump rings fit into the back of the pendant.

I'm getting quite the collection of jewelry - thrift store finds, pieces of my own creation, etc. For someone whose not very girlie, I have a ton of jewelry!