Thrift store frames getting a refresh

Yay! It's a gorgeous, sunny day in Vancouver. I'm going to refinish a couple of frames I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Store this week. They're the same size but different looks which I like. I paid $3/each. I'll remove the handmade paper - maybe donate it back to the thrift store. It's not my thing but may be someone else's.

I thought I could get some travel pics printed and add them to the frames. This is my FAV pic from my trip to Ireland in the spring. This one will go into the plain wood frame.

I'm also printing this black and white shot from my time in London. I think it'll suit the white frame once I rough up the finish on the frame.

I also picked up these wall decor pieces for $2.50/each. I'm going to paint them so they look like plaster. Maybe an off-white/light grey colour. And then maybe rough them up as well. All should be easy peasy updates!

I think these will look great once I update them...

Next will be figuring out where to hang them! Maybe in-between my mirror and corkboards...

I also need to design some prints for these frames. FINALLY... Or maybe a print for one and a photo for the other. We'll see!

Hope everyone has a FAB weekend! It's going to be sunny all weekend... Painting outside, hiking, trekking around town... Yay!

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