My jewelry 'renovation' project

Well I'm still getting crafty these days... But having a few detours! I found this pendant last week in the Lions Gate Thrift Store - the best thrift shop for jewelry finds! It's an aluminum pendant that I paid $1 for. Love it but it seemed like it needed something. I posted a photo to my TBD Facebook page and to Twitter. And oddly enough who tweeted back but the guy who designed this piece. Small world or what!

The aluminum pendants are called Rem[a]nders 1.1. They were made in 2010 by Designers at Large. The pendants are made from scrap material from the waterjet cutting process which is used to create additional products such as jewelry pieces.

We had a discussion about upcycling and technically I wasn't upcycling but 'renovating' his pendant. I'm kewl with that!

Part of my update includes scrap doorskin that I'll use to give the pendant more depth. I'm also using a new to me necklace that a friend gave me for free. The pendant will hang from the necklace using round bails.

Here's the pendant along with the scrap doorskin. First step was adhering the aluminum to the doorskin.

I then used a hand saw to remove the excess doorskin and then used sandpaper to sand it down. This way the wood is flush with the aluminum. After that, I got out my trusty power drill and added holes for the bails. This was the only stressful part because if I messed up then the whole update would have been ruined!

After the sanding, I added some tung oil to the wood and then varathaned it.

Next step is to find larger bails - the ones I had are too small. Bummer! Was so excited to get this update done in a jiffy. It was so fast and easy! And the necklace plus pendant renovation is going to be darn FAB. Yay!

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