Getting crafty & lovin' it!

2013 is starting off with some new found love for getting crafty! Maybe it's wanting to start the new year off right or maybe it's because it's grey and wet outside.

Right now I'm catching up on requests for friends. I'll be making a pillow cover for a nursery soon. I still have a couple of Xmas stockings to sew but now I have a whole year to get those done! I ended up making a ton of fridge magnets this week - definitely one of my favourite projects! I made these for a lady who works at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop.

I still have tons of glass jewels from the thrift store that I can upcycle. For some of the magnets, I used a sheet of paper from this thrift store find. I also used old sheet music and a book from the thrift store.

Here's the sheet of paper I used to create 20 mini fridge magnets.

I did all the gluing and trimming first.

Then I got my glue gun out and added the magnets. Love how easy this project is!

Next I made large fridge magnets using the sheet music.

Here are the finished fridge magnets: 'angels', 'believe' and 'heaven'.

I also made fridge magnets using an old book. I picked this up at the thrift store for under a dollar. There are some great illustrations in the book that could come in handy!

I don't believe in tearing books up for DIY/upcycling projects but this one was pretty destroyed so needed to be reloved!

I picked out a couple of quotes/words that would work for my fridge magnets.

Here are the 2 large fridge magnets I created using upcycled thrift store finds.

Next step is to drop them off at the thrift store for my buddy Ingrid. I love passing on the upcycling love!

Here's to a fun start to a hopefully very crafty year!

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