Frame updates & Instagram pics = happiness

Yay! I refinished my thrift store frames in a jiffy then got a couple of my travel Instragram pics printed. I hung them on my wall of kewlness this weekend. Slowly but surely it's getting filled with mirrors, photos, etc.

Here are my frames before I refinished them. I did a mini update - it only took me a couple of hours. Love it when you can update something super fast!

I first took them apart. The plain wood frame I sanded, stained and then varathaned. The off-white frame just needed to be shabby chic-ed and then varathaned. Easy peasy!

The off-white frame had these lovely details in the corners.

Here's the stained frame - I printed a photo of my grandparents house in Enniskerry, Count Wicklow, Ireland. This is where my Dad grew up and where I've stayed when I visit.

I intended this photo to go in the other frame but I really like it in the off-white frame. I just love this photo of cows from one of my treks to Ireland.

I'm super happy with my completed frames. Next step is finishing up these wall decor pieces. I've started painting them so hopefully this weekend I can finish them up!

Project Update

I'm hoping to pick up the silver round bails for my necklace renovation this week. For now I tried something a bit different. I had some funky safety pins I had saved - I love the shape of them and thought I could use them for 'something'. Then I had this old resizable leather necklace. I figured it would work with the pendant if I want a super industrial look.

And tada! Here's option #1 for my necklace renovation. I really like the pendant update! And it was cheap and fast!

Exciting News

I've been asked to speak at a free public speaking series on craft, in specific about craft and the environment. Details to come!


  1. 1) I ADORE your photo wall and love that photo of you smelling the cone flower. CUTE.

    2) WHEN are you speaking? I am SO. THERE.

    3) I love that you verathane your wood. No fancy paint jobs, just shiny, beautiful wood.

  2. Thanks Carol! I love my wall of kewlness - or maybe I should call it a memory wall. I like the pic of me smelling the flowers as well. It's pretty funsie... Like me! Hopefully!

    I'll post info about the speaking engagement soon - just waiting for confirmation. It'll be at the downtown library in April.

    I try to avoid fancy paint jobs if I can. Loved how easy peasy it was to update the frames then get some Instagram pics printed.

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