Xmas Upcycling Workshop was a success!

Another successful upcycling workshop! We had 22 participants. It was a different age range than the last workshop. We had tons of kids - mainly girls with their moms for a crafty date. I had to rethink my intro presentation and projects on the fly so it was easier for the kids. I definitely need to have a range of projects to account for different ages levels and experience levels for future workshops!

I also had a minor mishap - I forgot my trusty glue gun. Thankfully I was able to get one at the loonie store close to the library.

And I definitely had enough supplies!

Loads of old ornaments from thrift stores.

Tons of paint, glue & glitter!

We started with painting ornaments. The decoupage was a bit time-consuming for a few participants so we stuck with the easy updates then let participants try other projects - decoupaging, sewing ornaments, etc.

I had some angels that were donated to me. We painted these and added glitter with the plan to turn them into ornaments.

Here's Bonny - she was one of my superstars from the last workshop.

My friend Rachelle showed up and decoupaged an ornament.

Here's one of the angels painted with a touch of glitter. We ended up using the glue gun for the angels. The painted angels were glued to small clothes pegs. I thought these would be perfect as Xmas tree ornaments or as decoration on a present.

And we had a father/daughter craft date.

Here's Bonny and I getting crafty!

Here's hoping I can set up more workshops in 2013! It's so much fun!

Big thanks to my friend Nicole Friesen for taking photos. xo

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