Old wool sweaters & junky jewelry

I'm still working on some project ideas for the Xmas Upcycling Workshop on December 8th. Next idea is to create Xmas stockings from old wool sweaters and junky jewelry.

First project was using scrap felt, beads and then repurposing tacky earrings.

Here's the final ornament - I used my cookie cutter for the pattern then filled the ornament with eco fill. And then a funky, red buttonhole stitch to attach the front and back.

I used another cookie cutter for this ornament. It's a beige felted wool with junky jewelry plus I decided to use some string I bought from the Salvation Army for the stitching around the edges.

Here's the final ornament...

Here's my third attempt - an old Benetton wool sweater with some colourful beads. Not a traditional ornament but pretty darn swanky!

I love the repurposed earrings for the points of the star.

My mini tree is looking happy and joyful!

And tomorrow I'll be decoupaging old Xmas ornaments with some girlfriends. Fun!

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