Merry Xmas! xo

Hope everyone had a very merry Xmas! Xmas eve and day were super fabulous and now I'm on a quickie road trip to Oregon for a few days. Lovin' the Xmas break!

When I get back from the road trip, I'll be getting crafty! I'm looking forward to 2013 and making lots of kewl stuff. On Xmas day, I finally got around to making a cat Xmas stocking. I was supposed to have 3 done but only managed to get 1 done.

It's a stocking for a cat named Oliver. I used turquoise, grey and white...

I added orange circles for each letter in the name and added them along the top of the stocking.

I then stitched up the back and front with maeve.

Here's the final stocking. I still might make the other 2 stockings even though Xmas has come and gone. And then I can move onto other crafty adventures.

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