Gorgeousness out of upcycled paper bags

Well I've worked on some more Xmas ornament updates. This one I am loving! When I was in Portland, I dropped by Trader Joe's - this is 'the' store all my friends rave about when traveling in the US. I can see why. So many tempting goodies!

I bought a few things but unfortunately didn't have a re-usable bag so got a paper bag. The paper bag was Xmasy and cute - snowflakes, birds, Xmas scenes. I kept the bag and decided to use it for 'something'.

I wanted to try decoupaging some old Xmas ornaments that I picked up at the Salvation Army for super cheap. The paper bag was perfect for my decoupage project!

I cut up the paper bag into strips and then cut out the designs I wanted to use. I picked up some modge podge from Michaels and got to work. I actually made one of these with a couple of girlfriends. Love crafty dates with friends! It was a teeny bit messy - the glue and then glitter.

Here's ornament #1 on my Charlie Brown tree. I decoupaged the strips then added the snowflakes and birds. The final step was adding gold and red glitter to tie it all together. So cute!

And here's ornament #2...

And here they are my lovely 'new to me' ornaments. Yay!

The Xmas Upcycling Workshop is happening this Saturday - the North Vancouver City Library has a big poster in their lobby. Love it! I'll need to figure out supplies, how many are coming and finish up some other project ideas. Exciting!

Right now I'm finding stuff to update. I found this wool sweater to felt and cut up at the Salvation Army. The colour is perfect! I might actually cut up the sleeves and make them into a Xmas stocking then add scraps of felt and junky jewelry.

Also found some ornaments to update and these silver hanging 'things'. I might make a big ornament then hang one of the silver tassels underneath. So many ideas, so little time!

I also grabbed some cards to repurpose. These are from the Lions Gate Thrift Store. The cards were $0.05/each. I can use the decorative envelopes for decoupage and then make another attempt at Xmas ornaments with the cards. My first attempt was pretty darn horrible!

And then I bought some glitter from Michaels... The glitter from the loonie store is pretty fine. I think I prefer working with the glitter from Michaels. I might even pick more up! I suspect I'm addicted to adding glitter to my Xmas projects!

Here's a sneak peak at the icky brown ornament I bought a couple of weeks ago. I painted it a light grey then highlighted the design with glitter. I used some glitter glue which doesn't work as well as white glue mixed with glitter. Oh the things I'm learning!

Tonight I'm working on finishing up a couple of ornament updates then starting on a quick and dirty Xmas stocking out of my felted wool sweater. 'Tis the Season!

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