Tis the Season!

Yup - I'm prepping for Xmas! And for my Xmas upcycling workshop! I made some felt applique ornaments this weekend using scraps of felt. And my new cookie cutters came in handy! I made 4 ornaments - a star, an ornament, a candy cane and a mitt.

First I traced the cookie cutter shape onto the felt, cut it out then stitched it to the grey felt.

Next I added some white trim along the top of the mitt then I cut the grey felt with a half inch around the turquoise mitt.

I used a buttonhole stitch to sew the top and bottom together. Next step was to add filler to the ornament. I added some eco fill then stitched up the ornament.

Here are the felt applique ornaments... My star...

The ornament...

The candy cane...

And the mitt...

Here's my big purchase - a Xmas tree! I know it's small but I've never ever bought a tree for Xmas so this is pretty amazing!

The tree even came with some swanky ornaments!

Project #2

Next project is to paint some old ornaments. These are the ornaments that were an icky brown. Soon they will be white, silver, blue or red.

Plus I'll be adding sparkles!

Crafty Inspiration

I found some inspiration at La Lucy Thrift & Boutique on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver.

Decoupaged Xmas ornaments...

I like the finish on these - I bought some drop ornaments like these from the Salvation Army this weekend.

Super glitter balls - would be the perfect solution for updating old ornaments!

Here's to a fun Sunday of crafting!

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