It's cold out - perfect sewing weather!

I'm back from my travels... Both Berlin and Dublin were amazing! I had 2 weeks of trekking around - meeting people, exploring, seeing my relatives and getting inspired!

I got back Friday night then hung out with my buddy Mike for brunch then we checked out some stores in Gastown. I stumbled upon these big pillows with quite the lovely wool covers. Made me think I should make my own version! Perfect weather for having warm pillows to laze around on... And for sewing!

I actually have two 26" by 26" pillow forms and thought I could sew covers for them using various pieces of old wool sweaters. So I hit the Salvation Army yesterday afternoon and found this sweater for $5.99.

The front has beads which may not work for my pillow covers but the back and sleeves should be A-OK. I love the colour and design!

I took the sweater apart then looked through my stash of scrap wool sweaters. I want to patch a bunch of pieces together - solid colours, patterns, etc. I like the grey then the striped and then the patterned pieces. I may not use the green wool scarf for these covers. I will need more so I'll keep looking!

I also found this dish at the Salvation Army for $5.99. It's a larger version of another dish I have on my teak coffee table. I had to grab it! Other than the sweater and dish, the Salvation Army was a bust.

Here's the pair of matching dishes. Love the colour and shape of them.

Also, it looks like I'll be doing some training this week. I've decided to volunteer at the new ReStore opening in North Vancouver this month at 126 Harbour Avenue. They're going to have a grand opening so I'll be sure to post the info for anyone whose interested!

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