I heart Portland

So I get it... Everyone I know adores Portland. I haven't been there in years so I didn't really get it. And now I do! Took off to Portland with a couple of good friends. I explored, met people, saw kewl stuff and truly enjoyed the Portland vibe. I'll be back!

We got there on Wednesday night. I then trekked around on Thursday - it was sunny and beautiful!

Found this billboard - 'Crafter in Portland'. Loved it since that's how I felt!

Portland reminds me of Berlin - it's a gorgeous, walkable city. There's a bit of street art here and there.

My friend Rachelle and I found so much crafty goodness in Portland. We happened on this market. The Fall Together market had a nice selection of vendors. I didn't buy anything but definitely felt inspired.

Best part was the goodie bag we received. I opened mine up at the hotel - holy smokes! It was a good score! A few cards, a print, etc.

The ultimate goodie were these heart earrings from fresh tangerine. Totally adore them!! It was definitely not a lame goodie bag!

We then found ourselves in this store, Canoe. So much crafty goodness in here as well. Super great store to browse through!

My favourite find was this designer, will ullman design + art. Products are generally made of urban salvaged wood or recycled materials. This wall organizer can come apart and take any shape you want.

Pretty kewl wall clock out of salvaged wood!

We also trekked around Hawthorne Boulevard - such a plethora of retro, vintage, crafty stores. It was a bit overwhelming!

Lounge Lizard had tons and tons of lights, etc.

Hilarious! A grape hanging light...

Loved this one!

We also checked out a bunch of thrift stores - I actually managed to need a break from thrift stores. It was too much!

Another groovy crafty find - these hanging ornaments in Powell Books.

So that's my great escape to Portland minus the stories about happy hour, etc. Definitely going back ASAP!

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