Tis the Season!

Yup - I'm prepping for Xmas! And for my Xmas upcycling workshop! I made some felt applique ornaments this weekend using scraps of felt. And my new cookie cutters came in handy! I made 4 ornaments - a star, an ornament, a candy cane and a mitt.

First I traced the cookie cutter shape onto the felt, cut it out then stitched it to the grey felt.

Next I added some white trim along the top of the mitt then I cut the grey felt with a half inch around the turquoise mitt.

I used a buttonhole stitch to sew the top and bottom together. Next step was to add filler to the ornament. I added some eco fill then stitched up the ornament.

Here are the felt applique ornaments... My star...

The ornament...

The candy cane...

And the mitt...

Here's my big purchase - a Xmas tree! I know it's small but I've never ever bought a tree for Xmas so this is pretty amazing!

The tree even came with some swanky ornaments!

Project #2

Next project is to paint some old ornaments. These are the ornaments that were an icky brown. Soon they will be white, silver, blue or red.

Plus I'll be adding sparkles!

Crafty Inspiration

I found some inspiration at La Lucy Thrift & Boutique on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver.

Decoupaged Xmas ornaments...

I like the finish on these - I bought some drop ornaments like these from the Salvation Army this weekend.

Super glitter balls - would be the perfect solution for updating old ornaments!

Here's to a fun Sunday of crafting!


Xmas upcycling workshop coming up!

Well I have some super exciting news! I'm heading up another workshop with the North Vancouver City Library next month! Yay! It's a Xmas Upcycling Workshop taking place on December 8th from 1:30pm to 3pm. Visit the library's events calendar for further details. The event is free and materials will be supplied.

I'm planning to present a few crafty projects - either you can repurpose old materials or update old ornaments. There should be something for everyone!

Right now I'm collecting supplies and finding inspiring projects. One project I'll be trying out is repurposing old jewelry like these earrings. I got these from the Lions Gate Thrift Store on 15th and Lonsdale Avenue. Each pair was $0.50.

I thought these would be great to add to the bottom of an ornament. Maybe some felt applique ornaments.

Unfortunately this pair is missing one of the leaves. They are so dainty and cute! I might actually use them for their initial purpose - I'm going to fix them up and keep them as earrings.

I bought these necklaces at the thrift store as well. I'm sure I can think of something to use them for.

I thought of decoupaging outdated Xmas ornaments. I can use these paper circles from my Portland goodie bag!

I have a few Xmas cards I bought at the thrift store - these can be Xmas ornaments as well!

A friend gave me this bag of buttons and jewelry - surely they can be used to decorate an ornament!

I bought 6 of these ornaments from the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $3.50 - they have potential! I'm going to paint them, add glitter, etc. We'll see what happens!!

Lastly I'm collecting cookie cutters. I know it sounds weird but they are the best for felt applique stockings and ornaments! These hearts I grabbed from the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $0.50.

I picked up these up from Walmart. I'll be using the tree, start, snowflake, candy cane and mitten for my felt applique Xmas ornaments and as designs for my Xmas stockings.

Crafty Inspiration

I found a couple of projects that would be great to replicate! These felt pins are perfect! I could use scraps of felt, repurpose jewelry and then make ornaments. My Mom found these for me. Love my Mom!

Another Lions Gate Thrift Store find - upcycled cards into a Xmas ornament. Perfect!!

Langara College Art Auction

The 2nd Annual Art and Design Auction is coming up! 'Art-fully Yours' features over 100 one-of-a-kind pieces including paintings, photography, ceramics, and more. The auction is Thursday, December 6, 2012 from 6pm to 9pm. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Visit www.langara.bc.ca/artauction to get tickets - save $2 on your ticket with the promo code 'ART2012'.

Last year I donated Xmas stockings and an upcycled bench. This year I donated these paintings. I'm hoping to donate some felt stockings. I better get crackin'!


I heart Portland

So I get it... Everyone I know adores Portland. I haven't been there in years so I didn't really get it. And now I do! Took off to Portland with a couple of good friends. I explored, met people, saw kewl stuff and truly enjoyed the Portland vibe. I'll be back!

We got there on Wednesday night. I then trekked around on Thursday - it was sunny and beautiful!

Found this billboard - 'Crafter in Portland'. Loved it since that's how I felt!

Portland reminds me of Berlin - it's a gorgeous, walkable city. There's a bit of street art here and there.

My friend Rachelle and I found so much crafty goodness in Portland. We happened on this market. The Fall Together market had a nice selection of vendors. I didn't buy anything but definitely felt inspired.

Best part was the goodie bag we received. I opened mine up at the hotel - holy smokes! It was a good score! A few cards, a print, etc.

The ultimate goodie were these heart earrings from fresh tangerine. Totally adore them!! It was definitely not a lame goodie bag!

We then found ourselves in this store, Canoe. So much crafty goodness in here as well. Super great store to browse through!

My favourite find was this designer, will ullman design + art. Products are generally made of urban salvaged wood or recycled materials. This wall organizer can come apart and take any shape you want.

Pretty kewl wall clock out of salvaged wood!

We also trekked around Hawthorne Boulevard - such a plethora of retro, vintage, crafty stores. It was a bit overwhelming!

Lounge Lizard had tons and tons of lights, etc.

Hilarious! A grape hanging light...

Loved this one!

We also checked out a bunch of thrift stores - I actually managed to need a break from thrift stores. It was too much!

Another groovy crafty find - these hanging ornaments in Powell Books.

So that's my great escape to Portland minus the stories about happy hour, etc. Definitely going back ASAP!


I'm back & feeling inspired

I'm back from my adventures in Berlin and then Dublin/Galway. What an AMAZING 2 weeks away... Next I'm off to Portland for a few days with friends. Planning some treks in the next while and hoping for another big trip in the spring.

Berlin is stunning and full of kewl craftiness. So much to see and do whether during the day or night, you'll never get bored. The one thing that really inspired me in Berlin was how people naturally reused old items. Not because it's trendy or the thing to do but just because people are used to not throwing stuff out. Love it!

Crafty Highlights

My first full day in Berlin I took a city tour so I could get my bearings then did some cruising around, met people, went for dinner, etc. Then on my second day in Berlin, I took a street art tour. On my way to the tour, I came across this store full of beads and jewelry making supplies.

Lots to check out...

I was tempted by these...

I then happened upon the Hackescher Market by Alexanderplatz.

Lots of goodies at the market but I resisted!

And tons of crafty inspiration...

I found this stand with items made from cutlery. Pretty kewl!

This was amazing! Just gorgeous how this guy made a candelabra out of cutlery!

And then I came across these - I think they are garden sculptures.

So this was about the time I lost my bearings, got lost and took an hour trek to find the starting point for the street art tour. Turns out I was super close to it back at Hackescher Market. Oops!

Now this is one of the things I love about Berlin - markets... Everywhere! I found this flea market outside the Bode Museum along the River Spree. It went on and on and on...

And then it turned into an art market. This area is Museum Island. Very funky part of Berlin!

Found this swanky lamp on the street art tour - a lampshade from old light bulbs!

Then this sculpture made from scrap metal was nifty.

The following day, I hit Mauerpark in the Prenzlauer Berg district. If ever in Berlin - you have to check out the flea market here. It's endless and filled with loads of funky stuff. Lots of repurposed items. Yup - a DIY girl's dream place!

Upcycled records...

Upcycled bike tires and cutlery... Loved this idea! The cutlery for the buckles is pretty clever.

Loads of drawer pulls...

Upcycled cutlery into jewelry...

Here's the danger zone - furniture EVERYWHERE...

Upcycled burlap into hats...

On my way back to the hostel from Mauerpark, I came across this store. They had some tempting items!

Like this Berlin dish towel...

I found this store one day when I got lost - this happened a few times! Unfortunately the store was closed. Definitely need to go back to Aannex!

It's a bad photo but they had furniture made from salvaged wood. You can find more info and photos on Shopikon Berlin.

That's it for my crafty/upcycling finds in Berlin. Feel super inspired and ready to make funky things... And to plan another trip. 2013 is going to be even better than 2012!