Workshop pics & feeling the craft love

Today my super fabulous friend Nikki sent me some pics she took at the upcycling workshop. I need her to take pics for all my blog posts! The photos came out great and really captured the event well.

This was the main project people focused on - fridge magnets using old maps, cards or paper.

We had a wide range of participants and everyone was keen to make stuff, meet people and have fun.

We had some newbies to crafting who jumped right in. As well as experienced crafters... And then some young boys and girls who, like me, just wanted to make funky stuff and use the glue gun.

These two were super sweet - love the hats! They both created a bunch of super swanky fridge magnets and gift tags.

Here I am helping one of the young participants.

This woman was so lovely and fun. I really have no idea what we're doing but it definitely looks serious. Maybe a craft emergency? Who knows...

Here's hoping there are more upcycling/crafty workshops in my future. It was such an amazing experience!

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