Weird things I get excited about

Yup I get excited about some weird stuff... DIY, crafty stuff. Big excitement this week - I finally found a plate to add to my 'wall of kewlness'. I'm trying to fill one of my walls with mirrors, prints, photos, etc.

This is the plate I picked up at the Salvation Army this week for $5.99. It was a bit pricey but I got it. Love that it's white and blue with a super funky design. Next step was buying a plate hanger then figuring out where to put it.

My wall is getting there! And now my plate has found a home. Loving it!

Next step is adding a few more 'items' to my wall collection. One of the ladies who attended the upcycling workshop brought me this off-white embossed wallpaper. It's gorgeous! Not sure what to do with it... Maybe create some panels with it. I could rub it with some dark paint to accentuate the design. Ah possibilities...

Yay for walls of kewlness!

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