Prepping for the Craft Extravaganza

This Sunday is my Craft Extravaganza. I've invited a lot of girlfriends to my place - probably too many for my one bedroom abode! I'm super excited to have some of my super fun, crafty friends over for DIY projects, coffee, sugar, etc.

I've started collecting supplies for the afternoon's festivities.

For those who attended the upcycling workshop, it turns out you can track down glass gems at the loonie store for pretty cheap. I picked up a bag of small clear gems and then a bag of multicoloured large gems. Each bag costing $1.25/each.

I then found packets of magnets. So I guess you don't always have to go to Michaels for craft supplies! The packets cost $1.39/each - I got 10 small magnets and 8 large magnets.

And surprise, surprise - I picked up this bag of small clear gems for $1 today at the thrift store by work. I am well-stocked for friends wanting to make fridge magnets.

One of the ladies from the workshop gave me some gorgeous embossed wallpaper and sheets of music.

The sheets of music are perfect for upcycling into fridge magnets.

I made some quick and dirty fridge magnets using the loonie store gems and the upcycled sheet music. I also made a few from old paper napkins.

Happy crafting!

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