First Xmas stocking of the season

Yup - Xmas is coming! Hard to believe it's mid-October and fall has officially arrived. Here's hoping I can make time for a bunch of craftiness in November. I've gotten back into felt applique mode which is a good start.

I promised a friend that I would make a Xmas stocking for her cat. The other night I pulled out my felt and then my pattern for the mini stocking. I'm going with light pink, bright pink and then off-white since it's for a female kitten.

I decided to add fish bones and snowflakes to the stocking. Here's the front and back. I ironed the outside to the inside using stitch witchery.

I like to use a bright colour for the stitching around the edges. I'm going with turquoise for this stocking.

First I trim the edges of the stocking then sew the edges - this helps when I do the buttonhole stitching. I can align the front and back easily with the sewn edges as my guide.

Here's the finished stocking. Very cute! I haven't made any of these stockings since last year. I made so many that I kind of got fed up but this was super fun to make. Love the buttonhole stitch!!

Next I'm going to come up with some ideas for Xmas stockings made from repurposed materials. Maybe old wool sweaters... Who knows!

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