Crafty events & inspiring peeps

Well the past couple of weeks have been filled with fun outings and meeting new crafty peeps. Vancouver definitely has a wide range of kewl things happening these days!

My friend Rachelle and I went to the Regional Assembly of Text's Letter Writing Club a couple of weeks ago. You can drop by the first Thursday of every month at 7pm and use their old typewriters to write letters. Such an experience - no spell check, no auto correct, etc. It's a free event and supplies are provided.

My letter turned out a bit messy... And you really have to pound on the keys. It was a great event - they had people lined up out the door for a bit!

Next event was my Craft Extravaganza - I had a dozen girlfriends over to make stuff. Coffee, sugary treats and craftiness = lots of fun! These are the items my friend Lynn made.

Then this weekend, I hit the Vancouver Home + Design Show. I'm not usually into those big booth-centric events but I went with my buddy Barb from the Arts Office to check it out. There really wasn't much that was interesting or inspiring. People didn't seem very excited either... Until I hit the Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver's ReStore booth. Loved these guys!

The ReStore booth had all of the projects that were part of the 2012 Ultimate Upcycle Challenge. I was a bit disappointed by the projects other than the Saver Organizer. The other projects were basic updates - painting old furniture, etc. But the Saver Organizer was a repurposed Vancouver Police Academy stretcher. That in my mind is upcycling! On a happier note, Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver will soon be opening up a ReStore right by my place in North Vancouver. I hope to make the grand opening and then I might even volunteer there.

After the ReStore booth, I found the Homesteader's Emporium's booth. Love these guys! The Homesteader's Emporium is a one-stop shop for all your urban homesteading needs. They usually have some pretty nifty workshops - canning, making soup, preserving jam, etc.

I thought this was a funky idea - mini info sheets featuring homesteading projects. On the other side of the sheet, they have their address, contact info and a map of where they are.

Love checking out all these neato events and meeting new people. I'm off to Berlin in a few days and then back to Dublin for my cousin's wedding. I'll try to post what I can while I'm away. Happy crafting!

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