First Xmas stocking of the season

Yup - Xmas is coming! Hard to believe it's mid-October and fall has officially arrived. Here's hoping I can make time for a bunch of craftiness in November. I've gotten back into felt applique mode which is a good start.

I promised a friend that I would make a Xmas stocking for her cat. The other night I pulled out my felt and then my pattern for the mini stocking. I'm going with light pink, bright pink and then off-white since it's for a female kitten.

I decided to add fish bones and snowflakes to the stocking. Here's the front and back. I ironed the outside to the inside using stitch witchery.

I like to use a bright colour for the stitching around the edges. I'm going with turquoise for this stocking.

First I trim the edges of the stocking then sew the edges - this helps when I do the buttonhole stitching. I can align the front and back easily with the sewn edges as my guide.

Here's the finished stocking. Very cute! I haven't made any of these stockings since last year. I made so many that I kind of got fed up but this was super fun to make. Love the buttonhole stitch!!

Next I'm going to come up with some ideas for Xmas stockings made from repurposed materials. Maybe old wool sweaters... Who knows!

Crafty events & inspiring peeps

Well the past couple of weeks have been filled with fun outings and meeting new crafty peeps. Vancouver definitely has a wide range of kewl things happening these days!

My friend Rachelle and I went to the Regional Assembly of Text's Letter Writing Club a couple of weeks ago. You can drop by the first Thursday of every month at 7pm and use their old typewriters to write letters. Such an experience - no spell check, no auto correct, etc. It's a free event and supplies are provided.

My letter turned out a bit messy... And you really have to pound on the keys. It was a great event - they had people lined up out the door for a bit!

Next event was my Craft Extravaganza - I had a dozen girlfriends over to make stuff. Coffee, sugary treats and craftiness = lots of fun! These are the items my friend Lynn made.

Then this weekend, I hit the Vancouver Home + Design Show. I'm not usually into those big booth-centric events but I went with my buddy Barb from the Arts Office to check it out. There really wasn't much that was interesting or inspiring. People didn't seem very excited either... Until I hit the Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver's ReStore booth. Loved these guys!

The ReStore booth had all of the projects that were part of the 2012 Ultimate Upcycle Challenge. I was a bit disappointed by the projects other than the Saver Organizer. The other projects were basic updates - painting old furniture, etc. But the Saver Organizer was a repurposed Vancouver Police Academy stretcher. That in my mind is upcycling! On a happier note, Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver will soon be opening up a ReStore right by my place in North Vancouver. I hope to make the grand opening and then I might even volunteer there.

After the ReStore booth, I found the Homesteader's Emporium's booth. Love these guys! The Homesteader's Emporium is a one-stop shop for all your urban homesteading needs. They usually have some pretty nifty workshops - canning, making soup, preserving jam, etc.

I thought this was a funky idea - mini info sheets featuring homesteading projects. On the other side of the sheet, they have their address, contact info and a map of where they are.

Love checking out all these neato events and meeting new people. I'm off to Berlin in a few days and then back to Dublin for my cousin's wedding. I'll try to post what I can while I'm away. Happy crafting!


Weird things I get excited about

Yup I get excited about some weird stuff... DIY, crafty stuff. Big excitement this week - I finally found a plate to add to my 'wall of kewlness'. I'm trying to fill one of my walls with mirrors, prints, photos, etc.

This is the plate I picked up at the Salvation Army this week for $5.99. It was a bit pricey but I got it. Love that it's white and blue with a super funky design. Next step was buying a plate hanger then figuring out where to put it.

My wall is getting there! And now my plate has found a home. Loving it!

Next step is adding a few more 'items' to my wall collection. One of the ladies who attended the upcycling workshop brought me this off-white embossed wallpaper. It's gorgeous! Not sure what to do with it... Maybe create some panels with it. I could rub it with some dark paint to accentuate the design. Ah possibilities...

Yay for walls of kewlness!


Prepping for the Craft Extravaganza

This Sunday is my Craft Extravaganza. I've invited a lot of girlfriends to my place - probably too many for my one bedroom abode! I'm super excited to have some of my super fun, crafty friends over for DIY projects, coffee, sugar, etc.

I've started collecting supplies for the afternoon's festivities.

For those who attended the upcycling workshop, it turns out you can track down glass gems at the loonie store for pretty cheap. I picked up a bag of small clear gems and then a bag of multicoloured large gems. Each bag costing $1.25/each.

I then found packets of magnets. So I guess you don't always have to go to Michaels for craft supplies! The packets cost $1.39/each - I got 10 small magnets and 8 large magnets.

And surprise, surprise - I picked up this bag of small clear gems for $1 today at the thrift store by work. I am well-stocked for friends wanting to make fridge magnets.

One of the ladies from the workshop gave me some gorgeous embossed wallpaper and sheets of music.

The sheets of music are perfect for upcycling into fridge magnets.

I made some quick and dirty fridge magnets using the loonie store gems and the upcycled sheet music. I also made a few from old paper napkins.

Happy crafting!


Workshop pics & feeling the craft love

Today my super fabulous friend Nikki sent me some pics she took at the upcycling workshop. I need her to take pics for all my blog posts! The photos came out great and really captured the event well.

This was the main project people focused on - fridge magnets using old maps, cards or paper.

We had a wide range of participants and everyone was keen to make stuff, meet people and have fun.

We had some newbies to crafting who jumped right in. As well as experienced crafters... And then some young boys and girls who, like me, just wanted to make funky stuff and use the glue gun.

These two were super sweet - love the hats! They both created a bunch of super swanky fridge magnets and gift tags.

Here I am helping one of the young participants.

This woman was so lovely and fun. I really have no idea what we're doing but it definitely looks serious. Maybe a craft emergency? Who knows...

Here's hoping there are more upcycling/crafty workshops in my future. It was such an amazing experience!