Keeping it simple

I'm prepping for the upcycling workshop next weekend. I made a few attempts at cards using old maps and newspapers. My first attempt was not the best. I had to rein things in and keep the process and materials super basic.

I've managed to collect a bunch of old maps from friends. I should be good to go for supplies!

I have a few old City of Vancouver bike maps. They're super colourful which is great! I decided to use one of these for my card.

This is my idea - a heart and then the words 'I would travel the world for you'.

I began by cutting out the heart. I love how the words 'City Limits' run up the middle of my heart!

And here's my newspaper that I'll cut up before recycling it.

The most time consuming part of this project was finding the text for the card. It took me a bit to find the copy. I ended up changing the text based on what I found. I actually like it better - 'I would travel across continents to be with you'.

Here's the final card... I used a bit of glue stick to get things in place then white glue to seal it up. Easy peasy... And cheap.

I also made some more fridge magnets. I used old stamps this time. I was inspired by Foxglove Accessories - she makes jewelry from vintage stamps. Very funky!

I've had these stamps for years. I have a collection of stamps from Japan and Russia. I thought these stamps would work perfectly for the fridge magnets. Loving my glue gun!

I'm gathering quite the collection of fridge magnets - it's an addictive DIY project indeed!

This week I actually got some thrift store love. I haven't been to the thrift stores too much these days. And when I do go, I hardly ever find anything. I picked up this metal birdcage for $1.

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