Fun workshops & meeting new peeps

Well it's been amazing week to say the least! Been working too darn much but otherwise I've managed to fit in some crafty outings. With my upcoming workshop for Culture Days, I decided to sign up for a free card making workshop at the Roundhouse Community Centre. The Roundhouse is such a great community centre - it's where I took the woodworking course.

The cardmaking workshop was super fabulous and eased my mind about my workshop. You realize it's not necessarily about what you do for a workshop but the people who attend. That's why I truly loved the Engaging Community Through Creative Cardmaking workshop put on by Papergirl and Caede's Cards. I had fun, made a pretty kookie card and made some new friends. Total score... And the workshop was free!

Here I am with my new friend LaVerne picking out supplies for my card.

I picked out a fortune, butterfly, some hearts of course then started placing them on the blank card.

My card is starting to come together...

I used the sewing machine along the top and bottom...

And here it is - my crazy card full of love and joy.

Big thanks to Eryne at Papergirl and to Caede at Caede's Cards for putting on such a great event. And to my partner-in-crime/crafty date, Flory Huang - always a fun night out with Flory.

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