Culture Days & my first workshop

Yesterday was my upcycling workshop as part of Culture Days. After going to the Engaging Community Through Creative Cardmaking workshop on Thursday night, I was pretty darn excited about my first workshop. Nothing more fun than making stuff with strangers, becoming friends, sharing crafty ideas, etc. And the best part of of my workshop was working with my buddy Heidi, the Fiction Librarian at the North Vancouver City Library, on organizing the event then getting it set up. Yay!

The event was advertised in the local paper, also on the Arts Office website and on the Culture Days website. I started to suspect people may actually show up!

Before the workshop, I had a few projects to test out. I bought some gift tags from Michaels and wanted to update them using my stash of old maps.

First step was to glue one side of the gift tag. It's important to make sure the glue is spread out smoothly or this will create a rough surface on the finished project.

After adding glue to the gift tag then place it on the map. Smooth out the paper then let it dry. Next I trimmed the sides of the tag to make sure the map was the same shape as the tag.

Once the tag is dry then use your hole punch to punch out the hole covered by the map.

Tada! The final gift tags! Another super easy and cheap DIY project done.

Next project was making an envelope from old maps. I took apart an envelope as my template.

Then traced the template onto the map and cut out the envelope shape.

I then folded the map into an envelope. I used a glue stick to adhere the edges. And then it was done. Each of the projects for the upcycling workshop ended up being easy, cheap and quick.

Next I got my supplies organized and then it was time to leave for the North Vancouver City Library to get set up.

Thanks to the Workshop Participants

It was a truly amazing and touching experience. Thanks to all who showed up! We had 28 participants ranging from youths to seniors. And each person was super keen to be there, make stuff and meet new people. A successful workshop indeed!

Note: a friend took some photos of the workshop for me so I'll post pics soon.

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