Getting my craft back on

As you can tell - it's been AGES since I updated my blog and AGES since I've done anything super crafty. There have been small things here and there but this summer has been filled with work, getting outdoors, having fun and basically being very uncreative.

Not sure what happened. I got back from Ireland and then did nothing... My place filled with fabric to be sewn, furniture to be painted, etc. There is no lack of inspiration out there. I suppose my crafty mojo needed a bit of a break.

But I'm easing my way back. I started off working on some baby booties I promised to make for a friend months ago. I upcycled some tattered wool sweaters for both pairs.

A friend donated this Old Navy cardigan that had some rips and tears...

I cut out a couple of pairs of booties...

I took out my Singer - I actually forgot how to turn it on! Yikes. But I did not forget how to buttonhole stitch! Such a relaxing project.

Here's pair number 1...

And pair number 2...

Maybe I'll finally finish up these wooden cars I picked up at the thrift store. Four cars for $1... Not bad! I primed them but never got to painting them.

Or frame my print from my London-Ireland trip filled with my fav Instragram shots.

First though I have to prep for an upcycling workshop I'm putting on for Culture Days. I have a few projects in mind for the workshop. Mainly taking discarded prints and turning them into something new and exciting... I'll post about my ideas later! But very exciting to have been approached especially since I've been in a craft drought these days.

More exciting news... I'm going back to Dublin for my cousin's wedding this October. I'm making a pit stop first in Berlin. I'm gonna check out the sites for a week then it'll be a jam-packed visit to Ireland. Life is good!