The never-ending project may have an end

I took the plunge! I started on the painting of my triangles on the outside of my cabinet project this weekend. I've gone with an off-white base with accents of mustard yellow, robin's egg blue, grey and black. It's starting to look pretty darn swanky!

Yesterday I revisited the size of the triangles. I made them larger. I also made the triangles on the back larger than the ones on the sides. I thought the difference in sizes may add a bit more interest.

First step was to cut out vinyl for the areas I wanted to leave au natural. Love the free vinyl I got from work. It's been so handy!

Then I primed the outside of the cabinet and added some mustard yellow triangles.

I added some vinyl to protect the top of my cabinet during the painting process. I also added a darker stain to the top while I was waiting for the primer to dry. I'll add more of the darker stain once the painting is done. The wood is pretty light so adding a dark stain will help bring out the grain in the wood.

Here's where I left the cabinet this afternoon. Next weekend I'll finish up the painting then work on the stain. I'll also shabby chic the cabinet a bit. Once that's done then I'll add a coat of varathane and be done! So close! FINALLY!

Can you believe the above cabinet was made out of a wood pallet and some table legs from the dump!

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