It must be a labour of love

What a weekend! Talk about busy... Lots of nerdy stuff, crafty stuff, friend stuff. I'm pooped!

Today and yesterday I worked on my cabinet. I managed to get the finish close to complete. FINALLY! So yes this is a labour of love this project. Lots of time, energy, sweat and a few tears!

Here's the cabinet yesterday - vinyl et al. What a mess!

And here are the triangles all good to go minus the vinyl. I spent a long time cleaning up the paint - making sure the edges were clean and that the colours were solid, etc. Sucks to be picky! I went over and over AND over the paint to make sure it was perfect.

You can see the natural wood triangles. This is one of the side panels...

And this is the back panel...

The cabinet is pretty much done now. I stained the top again, cleaned up the painting on the side panels and back panel. Next step is to shabby chic the cabinet then add a coat of varathane.

Hopefully it'll be easy breasy to get this piece home then I can add 'stuff' to the shelves. Pyrex? Books? Frames? Who knows!

Project Update

I sanded my wooden cars yesterday. I'm not sure how I'll paint these but they definitely will be painted. The shiny shellac finish is uber ugly!

Here they are all primed and ready to go!

Looking forward to next weekend when I can shabby chic my cabinet. Yay!

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