Feeling the upcycling love

Hope everyone had a FAB Valentine's Day and is feeling loved, appreciated, etc. I know I am! So many great friends & family in my life and so many wonderful things going on... Lots of possibility out there!

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday morning - my goodie bag tutorial got posted to Recyclart! Yay! Recyclart features nifty products that are made from recycling, reusing, upcycling, etc.

I submitted the goodie bag tutorial last week on a whim and it got posted. I'm not the best these days at promoting my projects - I want to get better in the future. So many link parties on other DIY/crafty blogs and so many opportunities to get featured on other sites. Sometimes ya gotta love the internet! And sometimes it's fun to share what you're working on and see that you're not completely kookie when you cut up old wool sweaters and turn them into other 'items'!

Here's the Recyclart homepage with my goodie bag tutorial...

Another 'feature' to add to my list... Recyclart... Canada Arts Connect Magazine...

And the Arts Office enewsletter...

What's next?! I have some ideas for my cabinet project once I get it done this weekend. Can't wait to finish it off and see what craziness will happen next!

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