Sugary sweet goodie bags

My goodies bags are nearly done... I have one complete and will have the other one done tonight. A bit of buttonhole stitching and I'm good to go!

They are sugary sweet! It's great working on pieces for kids - lots of fun, bright colours! And even funner when it's goodie bags for Valentine's Day!

Here's the one using felted grey wool from an upcycled cardigan...

And here's the one using a felted multicoloured wool from an upcycled sweater...

Tonight I'll write up my tutorial to coincide with the Monthly Maker interview. And today I'm picking up some super yummy chocolate from Cinnamon's Chocolates on Lonsdale in North Vancouver. I've decided to give the goodie bags plus chocolate away as part of the interview. Why not?! Pass on the love... And really I ate the chocolate I initially bought for the goodie bags - I don't want to eat any more! Best to create then give away. Love that!

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