On the hunt for ideas

I've been struggling. Yup it's true. I want to finish my cabinet but haven't really felt 'it' lately. Fear of failing or something. So I've been looking for ideas for the finish... I know I want to keep some of the wood au natural. I also want to add some colour. And then I want to use either a light grey or off-white for the overall finish since that would make the cabinet, especially the legs, look uber clean.

So then how do I finish it? I have tons of vinyl for stenciling or blocking out colour. Really I'm good to go.

Here are the things that are giving me some inspiration...

Lucy Turner

Lucy Turner customizes and transforms mid-century furniture. This is my favourite piece she's done so far. I love the mix of natural wood and bright colours...

Pinterest Love

I haven't spent too much time on Pinterest but sometimes you find some uber lovely stuff. This was pinned by Poppytalk via the blog, Mokkasin. I love the design of the duvet cover. So do I go with an organic shape or geometric? Either way I can infuse colour and can leave some of the shapes as the natural wood. Either could work!

Fabric as Inspiration

I have a ton of fabric that can help for design and colour ideas. Especially Ikea fabric!

Love these colours - orange, green and blue with a splash of pink!

Pyrex & Houseware Funkiness

I'm most likely going to use the cabinet to 'feature' my Pyrex collection. Fun designs and happy colours... This is what I'm hoping for with the finish.

Now I just need to bite the bullet and make it happen. I actually was leaning towards a finish like the Lucy Turner chest of drawers but now I think I should go geometric. I have nothing with a geometric finish so might be nice to have something a little different from all of my other furniture.

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