It's all about trial & error

And the weekend is here! Yay! Yesterday I worked on my cabinet and today I'll work on my craft tutorial. Yesterday was one of those days with a big success and then a mini failure. It's all good. Trial and error is par for the course with DIY. Or atleast that's been my experience.

The plan was to get my shelf supports added then I could insert the shelves. I went to Rona on Friday and got some scrap plywood cut. Each shelf cost me $2. Plywood is pretty inelegant but I'm painting the shelves so figured it would be A-OK.

My Dad helped with the shelf supports. We measured then drilled holes into the cabinet. I love drilling! Then when we had everything measured, holes drilled and double checked that the shelves would sit level, I removed the shelf supports and added wood glue. First step was to glue the shelf supports. Second step was to add the screws once the glue was dry.

Once the shelf supports were in, I inserted the shelves. The cabinet is slowly but surely coming together!

After the shelves, I used some wood filler to fill in the gaps where the legs are. Not a big deal since I'll be painting this piece but thought it best to make this part look seamless.

And then I moved onto the reverse stencil. This is where the fail happened! I started prepping the vinyl and realized my design was way too complicated! I love the idea of the reverse stencil but need something simpler.

I even thought of drawing a design directly onto the cabinet. I'll just come up with something new this week then get it happening next weekend!

After the stencil frustration, I started to prime most of the cabinet. Not the sides or top since that's where the reverse stencil will be. I'm feeling hopeful that the final piece will look uber snazzy!

Jaunts Around Town

I was downtown on Thursday and checked out Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware on Robson Street. It's a very funky kitchenware store. Tons of kewl stuff!

I love this gift wrap. They had a bunch on sale and I thought of getting a couple of sheets. Maybe I could try decoupaging my shelves?! But then I decided against it for now. I could always paint a design onto the shelves if I want. I might keep them uber simple. We'll see!

They also had some fun drawer liners. Another thought for the shelves but none of the designs would have worked unfortunately.

Project Update

And today's task is to continue on with my crafty tutorial to coincide with the Monthly Maker interview. Here's where I'm at with my Valentine's Day goodie bags. I'll get sewing this morning then put them together. I bought some ribbon for the handles but it might not be thick enough. I may have a trip to Michaels in my future!

I had the Monthly Maker interview on Friday. It went well. Looking forward to reading it! Many kookie stories were told about visiting the dump, ripping apart wood pallets in dark alleys and the many injuries I've given myself.

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