Feeling the creative inspiration

I finished up my goodie bags this week plus wrote the tutorial with step by step instructions on how to make your own. Look for the Monthly Maker feature via Canada Arts Connect Magazine soon. As part of the feature and tutorial, I'll be giving my goodie bags away.

Here's the goodie bag using my grey wool sweater...

Next step was to add some yummy treats to go in the bags. I bought this stash from a local chocolate shop called Cinnamon's Chocolates.

Here are the finished goodie bags with the treats in them. Hope they find a good home!

Project Update

Today I started rethinking my stencil design for the finish to my cabinet. I need something simpler that will fit with the cabinet.

I found a few sites and photos that were truly inspiring. Some days you gotta love the Internet and all the kewl stuff you can find! This is my new blog love - Designamour.

Check out this absolutely gorgeous stencil via Designamour.

I also found Bonnie and Neil via a post on Life Instyle's blog. Life Instyle is a boutique trade event in Australia.

Love these gorgeous shadow boxes with a very simple stencil design. This effect is what I want for my cabinet but in reverse. I want mainly white with the wood showing through.

Next step - I need to figure out the right stencil design. Easier said than done! Sometimes getting inspired is darn overwhelming!

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