Counting down to the weekend

Yup - I'm excited about this weekend... Can't wait! I'm working on my cabinet. First stop is Rona. I'm hoping to find some left over wood that I'll get them to cut into pieces for me. I want 2 shelves for my cabinet. Then I'll add the shelf supports. The cabinet will be built then...

Next step will be prepping the reverse stencil I'm adding. That'll take awhile but well worth it!

I'll also be working on my crafty tutorial for the Monthly Maker feature. I'm making Valentine's Day goodie bags for kids. Here are my supplies...

Some old wool sweaters...

And bright felt, ribbons, thread and embroidery floss... Lots of pink!

I should have a start on the reverse stencil for my cabinet and then the tutorial should be complete this weekend. It's due Wednesday so I'll get it done early. The interview is this Friday. Pretty nifty to be featured in an online arts magazine! Yay!

Recent Finds

My latest thrift store find are these wooden cars. They were $0.25/each. Someone must have spent a bunch of time making these! The thrift store had a box of them. I was good - I held back and only bought four.

I'm going to sand these a bit then add a coat of primer. And then I'll pick some bright colours for them - maybe baby blue, turquoise... They'd be great in a boy's room as a display piece. Or I guess for playing. Who knows!

Not sure when I can work on these. Such a deal-o-rama though. Funny the things you can find in a thrift store!

Here's to fabulously crafty weekend!

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