2012 has started off with a bang!

Lots of kewl things began to happen in December... I booked my trip to England/Ireland and I was approached for an interview from an online arts magazine focused on featuring Canadian talent. I'm super excited about my trip and traveling to London and then throughout Ireland on my own. I'll be staying with relatives then doing some mini trips. And then the feature - it's a Monthly Maker interview and I'll be writing a crafty tutorial to coincide with the feature. Pretty nifty!

So 2012 is looking pretty FAB so far! I also feel rejuvenated and ready to get things happenin' again! Not that I stopped but balance is not something I'm very good at it.

Project Update

Today I finally assembled my cabinet. I got out the drill and got to work... Kind of stressful since I didn't want to mess it up!

First step was to measure where I would drill the holes...

Once I drilled the holes, I added the screws...

Then I lined up the top with the middle piece...

Once the top and middle were assembled then I could add the bottom...

So here it is... The top, middle and bottom are now assembled. Tomorrow I'll add shelf supports then I can add a finish next weekend. I won't have shelves to slide in for a bit but everything else will be done soon enough.

Crafty Tutorial

I wasn't too sure what to do for the tutorial to coincide with the feature but thought it needed to be something Valentine's Day related. I needed something that was straight-forward, that used easily accessible materials and was within my realm of craftiness.

My ideas included a gift card holder, a felt applique photo frame, a wine bag or a kids goodie bag. I've decided to go with a heart-shaped kids goodie bag. I'll use an upcycled wool sweater, felt and ribbon. I might make 2 - one with grey wool and one with some super colourful wool.

I picked up some supplies from Michaels this afternoon - white and pink felt, some embroidery floss and some ribbon.

I love the ribbon! The goodie bags are going to be uber cute!

Hope everyone is feeling the 2012 love! It's going to be an amazing year!

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