Xmas break is all about power tools & yoga

Finally I took some time to work on my cabinet creation. I dragged it to my parents' and got busy. Well after I stored some stuff in their attic. Purging and getting your stuff organized is darn cleansing! My place is roomy and less cluttered. Amazing feeling!

After the attic escapade, I worked on the cabinet. I'm trying to be logical in my process. First step was gluing the legs to the bottom.

Next step was using the super noisy sander. The legs were sticking out so I started with the sander to see how much I could get off. The poor neighbours - that old sander is loud!

This is part way through the sanding...

I then sanded by hand. This actually worked way better. I was able to get the sanding done in a jiffy!

I primed the bottom just to see how the legs would look. Over the Xmas break, I'm playing with power tools, going to yoga a ton and then finishing my cabinet.

Next step will be assembling it as well as adding the stencil. One step at a time and it should work out OK! And I shouldn't get too overwhelmed or stressed.

Here's to a week and a bit off - I can't wait! Three more work days then I'm gonna get crafty, do some relaxing and enjoy Xmas with my family. Yay!

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