The wheels of creative inspiration are turning

Last weekend I set up my yet to be assembled/finished cabinet in my living/dining room. I thought I would leave it there, live with it as is and hope that soon enough I would figure out what to do with it. Walking by it and being careful not to run into it, I revelled in its 'in progress' glory.

First thought was... It's too darn big to put in my bathroom that's fer sure! So what should it be? Not a bathroom cabinet... Not a good fit for my bedroom either so I figure I could use it in my living/dining room to 'feature' some of my funky kitchen accessory finds. Like my Pyrex bowls! Or candle holders... Maybe store some wine bottles in it. Oh the possibilities!

So I have a function for it now. Phew! Next step is working out the finish for it... And then how many shelves and how to add shelves.

Well I have the finish somewhat figured out. I want to use my vinyl remnants from work to stencil the cabinet. I'll paint it white with wood peaking through. I found a great option via DaFont for the stencil design. I'm using a dingbat called CornPop.

Here's my idea for the top of the cabinet...

And this is the design for the sides and back...

I printed out my design and placed the print outs on the top. It'll be very subtle but I think it'll work!

Next step is to figure out the shelves. May drop by the hardware store this weekend if I have time and start collecting materials. Can't wait to get this baby done!


  1. This is going to be great. I love the details you'll be adding. I think you need a workshop.

  2. Workshop would be nice! LOL... I'm registering for the level 2 woodworking class at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Fun times Carol! :-)

  3. Really pretty! Love the legs on it.

  4. Thanks! I love the legs too... Hoping to make the cabinet prettier this weekend!! :-)