Button to broach transformation

OK I'm getting addicted to making jewelry. Man it can be fun and easy... Or am I just fooling myself? This morning I dropped by Michaels for a bar pin. I actually had to buy a pack of 60 bar pins - that's all they had! I'm not a big fan of stockpiling items that I doubt I'll use but I had no other option.

Since I didn't have a coupon, I installed the Michaels app on my iPhone. Talk about kewl! I pulled up the 50% off coupon at the check out - my $5 pack of bar pins ended up being $2.50. I know it's sad I'm excited about installing an app and saving $2.50 (I also saved printing the coupon by using the app!) but it was one of those times when geekiness and craftiness collided into a happy moment for me. Yay!

Next purchase was Krazy Glue and then I was set for my morning craft adventure. All I needed was my button, a bar pin and Krazy Glue then I could create one kick butt broach!

Here's my beautiful button soon to be broach...

I added Krazy Glue to the back then added the bar pin. My pliers came in super handy and saved my fingers from getting glued together...

The directions on the Krazy Glue packaging said to press the parts together for 30 seconds and no clamps required. Not really in this case! I needed my pliers and I was holding the parts together for longer than 30 seconds... A bit annoying so I found an elastic band and left my broach project to dry for awhile.

I think my broach was finally good to go about 10 minutes later...

And so I wore it this afternoon. Love my new broach! I might use those 59 bar pins after all... Maybe try out other buttons or other items that I can turn into broaches and give to friends, etc.

This morning, after my Michaels visit, I hit Rona and saw my buddy Gord. Gord and I talk all the time and he's great for helping me find what I need. I decided to pick up a few things for my cabinet - I didn't have time to work on this at all this weekend so here's hoping next weekend isn't so busy!

I picked up some wood for the shelves. I'll use this wood as a ledge for the shelves to sit on.

I also picked up nails and screws to help me assemble the pieces together and add the shelf ledge.

Painting Party

After grabbing supplies and turning my button into a broach, I went to my friend Sam's for a painting party. I brought paint, brushes and canvasses then we painted. Fun! Makes me want to FINALLY have another craft extravaganza... Maybe in the new year!

Hope everyone had a FAB weekend... Xmas is coming up fast and I haven't made any Xmasy crafts. Where has this year gone?!

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