Getting all girlie

Something has happened to me in the past while... I've gotten uber girlie. I stopped wearing earrings and necklaces years ago but these days I'm getting into necklaces, rings, etc. I am a collector of jewelry now! Atleast you don't need a bunch of space for jewelry!

Mainly I've been acquiring necklaces that I've found at the thrift shops for a few bucks. Lovin' the whole girlie thing. And now I'm getting into making my own pieces by either repurposing or customizing.

I'm using some candleholders I updated last summer to display my earrings and necklaces. It's getting a bit out of hand!

Yesterday and today have had some jewelry moments. I decided to revisit this necklace I made from a repurposed bracelet. It just wasn't working for me. I decided to use the pendant on the right instead. This is from a necklace I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $4. The silver is shiny like the necklace and I think the heaviness of the pendant fits the chain better.

Here's the pendant on it's original chain. The chain was too long. I think the pendant works better as a choker. All of these necklaces are thrift store finds. Sometimes you get lucky!

Here's the final necklace. I'll keep this as is.

And the bonus is this pendant is reversible. Kewl eh?

After adding the turquoise pendant to my choker, I then repurposed the chain. I added an amber pendant I bought years ago that was without a chain. I tell ya there's nothing handier than a set of pliers!

And yes I now have about 10 necklaces. I went from 2 to 10 in the past few months! I doubt I've paid over $50 in total for all of my jewelry. Deal-o-rama!

I'm also going to make this pendant into a choker. I want to use a resizable black leather cord and only use one of the pieces instead of two. I'll be making a set of earrings to go with the necklace. The earrings and pendant will both have the turquoise stones. I think the black leather will work way better! Can't wait!

After working on the 2 necklaces, I then started on some button broaches for friends. I dropped by Button Button yesterday afternoon. Here's what I grabbed... Another one of the pewter antique button reproductions for $7.75, a metal button for $5 and then 4 green coconut buttons for $4.50/each. The metal buttons are an easy update - Krazy Glue, a bar pin and tada... They are good to go!

I just need to figure out what to do with the green buttons. I want to get a bit crafty with these ones. I found some mini flower buttons that I could use for the centers.

I decided on the white flower buttons and then cut out some felted wool for the back. I'll use the felted wool to sew the buttons to and then sew the bar pin to the back. I'm using part of a wool sweater that I grabbed from the Salvation Army and felted.

I'll finish up my button broaches sometime this week as well as the black leather choker. These will be Xmas gifties for friends.

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