Big time flower power broaches

Hope everyone had a great Xmas! Mine was FAB... Went to yoga then to my parents' for dinner. Such a wonderful day full of lovely people and lots to be grateful for.

Not sure if it's tacky to talk about what gifts you received but I got a swanky new digital camera. So happy to have a digital camera with no shutter lag! And then I got some euros... Why? Well I booked a ticket to England and Ireland for the spring. 3 weeks away - can't wait! A few days in London then I'll fly into Dublin. I hope to travel around and see relatives and explore the Emerald Isle on my own. Should be super fun especially since I haven't been for 15 years.

Today I decided to sew and be crafty. Great Boxing Day indeed! This is what I started on. I made a bright and crazy broach made out of a button.

I first created these broaches from the green flower buttons but rethought my plan after yoga yesterday. Yoga is the best for crafty inspiration it would seem!

I took the broaches apart then made a pattern for the felt I wanted to use...

I kept the same buttons for the inset of the green button and am using bright felt for the back of the button. First step was to stitch the buttons to the felt flower. I used green thread for the center...

For this broach, I used a purple thread to stitch the sides of the button to the felt...

Next I used a yellow accent for the center...

I wanted to use the felted grey wool for the back. Next step was stitching a bar pin to the back...

After adding the bar pin, I stitched the front and back together using a buttonhole stitch. I matched the thread to the turquoise felt.

Here's the back of the broach. It's ready to go!

One broach done, 2 to go! Once I have all 3 done then I'll give them to friends... Belated Xmas gifts! Better late than never.

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