Button broaches galore!

Last night, I stitched up the rest of my button broaches. I'm hoping to give these to friends to pin to hats or scarves. I really enjoyed making these broaches... Hand-stitching is total zen time for me!

Here's button broach #1 - turquoise felt with purple stitching...

Button broach #2 - pink felt with blue stitching...

And button broach #3 - purple felt with pink stitching...

Next crafty project will be this guy... Orange felt with a blue button in the middle... We'll see how it turns out!


Big time flower power broaches

Hope everyone had a great Xmas! Mine was FAB... Went to yoga then to my parents' for dinner. Such a wonderful day full of lovely people and lots to be grateful for.

Not sure if it's tacky to talk about what gifts you received but I got a swanky new digital camera. So happy to have a digital camera with no shutter lag! And then I got some euros... Why? Well I booked a ticket to England and Ireland for the spring. 3 weeks away - can't wait! A few days in London then I'll fly into Dublin. I hope to travel around and see relatives and explore the Emerald Isle on my own. Should be super fun especially since I haven't been for 15 years.

Today I decided to sew and be crafty. Great Boxing Day indeed! This is what I started on. I made a bright and crazy broach made out of a button.

I first created these broaches from the green flower buttons but rethought my plan after yoga yesterday. Yoga is the best for crafty inspiration it would seem!

I took the broaches apart then made a pattern for the felt I wanted to use...

I kept the same buttons for the inset of the green button and am using bright felt for the back of the button. First step was to stitch the buttons to the felt flower. I used green thread for the center...

For this broach, I used a purple thread to stitch the sides of the button to the felt...

Next I used a yellow accent for the center...

I wanted to use the felted grey wool for the back. Next step was stitching a bar pin to the back...

After adding the bar pin, I stitched the front and back together using a buttonhole stitch. I matched the thread to the turquoise felt.

Here's the back of the broach. It's ready to go!

One broach done, 2 to go! Once I have all 3 done then I'll give them to friends... Belated Xmas gifts! Better late than never.


Sharing the jewelry love

Every year I'm always making Xmas gifties at the last minute! I never learn... This year is all about jewelry. I got my bracelet repurposed into a resizable choker with a matching pair of earrings this week. All total the choker and earrings cost me under $10.


The bracelet consisted of four pieces chained together. Nice but not perfect.

I talked to Dominique at Collective Stone about my plan for the necklace and earrings. She helped me with the resizable cord and the earrings. I love how the choker and earrings worked out!


I'm giving this set to my very good friend Marnie. I think it'll look gorgeous on her!

I really like how easy it is to change your mind with jewelry design. First phase for the bracelet repurposing on the left and the final phase on the right. So much better!

And the bonus was I was able to use the new chain to update a different necklace!

I'm mailing this necklace to Edmonton tomorrow for my friend Rhonda. We're exchanging crafty items. She gets the necklace and I get some wall art... Sharing the crafty love! Love it!

Button Broaches...

I gave some of my button broaches away this week. Who would have thought something so easy to create would be such a big hit but they were... So nice to make pretty things and then give them to friends. These are the buttons I added bar pins to then gave away.

2011 has definitely been full of gratitude and appreciation for me. I am a very blessed girl with lovely parents, great friends and a life full of possibility. Bring it on 2012!


Xmas break is all about power tools & yoga

Finally I took some time to work on my cabinet creation. I dragged it to my parents' and got busy. Well after I stored some stuff in their attic. Purging and getting your stuff organized is darn cleansing! My place is roomy and less cluttered. Amazing feeling!

After the attic escapade, I worked on the cabinet. I'm trying to be logical in my process. First step was gluing the legs to the bottom.

Next step was using the super noisy sander. The legs were sticking out so I started with the sander to see how much I could get off. The poor neighbours - that old sander is loud!

This is part way through the sanding...

I then sanded by hand. This actually worked way better. I was able to get the sanding done in a jiffy!

I primed the bottom just to see how the legs would look. Over the Xmas break, I'm playing with power tools, going to yoga a ton and then finishing my cabinet.

Next step will be assembling it as well as adding the stencil. One step at a time and it should work out OK! And I shouldn't get too overwhelmed or stressed.

Here's to a week and a bit off - I can't wait! Three more work days then I'm gonna get crafty, do some relaxing and enjoy Xmas with my family. Yay!


Getting all girlie

Something has happened to me in the past while... I've gotten uber girlie. I stopped wearing earrings and necklaces years ago but these days I'm getting into necklaces, rings, etc. I am a collector of jewelry now! Atleast you don't need a bunch of space for jewelry!

Mainly I've been acquiring necklaces that I've found at the thrift shops for a few bucks. Lovin' the whole girlie thing. And now I'm getting into making my own pieces by either repurposing or customizing.

I'm using some candleholders I updated last summer to display my earrings and necklaces. It's getting a bit out of hand!

Yesterday and today have had some jewelry moments. I decided to revisit this necklace I made from a repurposed bracelet. It just wasn't working for me. I decided to use the pendant on the right instead. This is from a necklace I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Store for $4. The silver is shiny like the necklace and I think the heaviness of the pendant fits the chain better.

Here's the pendant on it's original chain. The chain was too long. I think the pendant works better as a choker. All of these necklaces are thrift store finds. Sometimes you get lucky!

Here's the final necklace. I'll keep this as is.

And the bonus is this pendant is reversible. Kewl eh?

After adding the turquoise pendant to my choker, I then repurposed the chain. I added an amber pendant I bought years ago that was without a chain. I tell ya there's nothing handier than a set of pliers!

And yes I now have about 10 necklaces. I went from 2 to 10 in the past few months! I doubt I've paid over $50 in total for all of my jewelry. Deal-o-rama!

I'm also going to make this pendant into a choker. I want to use a resizable black leather cord and only use one of the pieces instead of two. I'll be making a set of earrings to go with the necklace. The earrings and pendant will both have the turquoise stones. I think the black leather will work way better! Can't wait!

After working on the 2 necklaces, I then started on some button broaches for friends. I dropped by Button Button yesterday afternoon. Here's what I grabbed... Another one of the pewter antique button reproductions for $7.75, a metal button for $5 and then 4 green coconut buttons for $4.50/each. The metal buttons are an easy update - Krazy Glue, a bar pin and tada... They are good to go!

I just need to figure out what to do with the green buttons. I want to get a bit crafty with these ones. I found some mini flower buttons that I could use for the centers.

I decided on the white flower buttons and then cut out some felted wool for the back. I'll use the felted wool to sew the buttons to and then sew the bar pin to the back. I'm using part of a wool sweater that I grabbed from the Salvation Army and felted.

I'll finish up my button broaches sometime this week as well as the black leather choker. These will be Xmas gifties for friends.


Button to broach transformation

OK I'm getting addicted to making jewelry. Man it can be fun and easy... Or am I just fooling myself? This morning I dropped by Michaels for a bar pin. I actually had to buy a pack of 60 bar pins - that's all they had! I'm not a big fan of stockpiling items that I doubt I'll use but I had no other option.

Since I didn't have a coupon, I installed the Michaels app on my iPhone. Talk about kewl! I pulled up the 50% off coupon at the check out - my $5 pack of bar pins ended up being $2.50. I know it's sad I'm excited about installing an app and saving $2.50 (I also saved printing the coupon by using the app!) but it was one of those times when geekiness and craftiness collided into a happy moment for me. Yay!

Next purchase was Krazy Glue and then I was set for my morning craft adventure. All I needed was my button, a bar pin and Krazy Glue then I could create one kick butt broach!

Here's my beautiful button soon to be broach...

I added Krazy Glue to the back then added the bar pin. My pliers came in super handy and saved my fingers from getting glued together...

The directions on the Krazy Glue packaging said to press the parts together for 30 seconds and no clamps required. Not really in this case! I needed my pliers and I was holding the parts together for longer than 30 seconds... A bit annoying so I found an elastic band and left my broach project to dry for awhile.

I think my broach was finally good to go about 10 minutes later...

And so I wore it this afternoon. Love my new broach! I might use those 59 bar pins after all... Maybe try out other buttons or other items that I can turn into broaches and give to friends, etc.

This morning, after my Michaels visit, I hit Rona and saw my buddy Gord. Gord and I talk all the time and he's great for helping me find what I need. I decided to pick up a few things for my cabinet - I didn't have time to work on this at all this weekend so here's hoping next weekend isn't so busy!

I picked up some wood for the shelves. I'll use this wood as a ledge for the shelves to sit on.

I also picked up nails and screws to help me assemble the pieces together and add the shelf ledge.

Painting Party

After grabbing supplies and turning my button into a broach, I went to my friend Sam's for a painting party. I brought paint, brushes and canvasses then we painted. Fun! Makes me want to FINALLY have another craft extravaganza... Maybe in the new year!

Hope everyone had a FAB weekend... Xmas is coming up fast and I haven't made any Xmasy crafts. Where has this year gone?!


More jewelry repurposing in the works

Yup I'm repurposing more jewelry... I've been wearing my heart choker a ton these days and getting a bunch of compliments. Love that I took some icky earrings and made a beautiful choker. So exciting! And now I find myself wanting to create my own pieces instead of buying them. Or repurposing items to make my own jewelry pieces.

Jewelry project #1 is for an open grey cardigan that I like a lot. I thought a swanky broach would be great for it. I didn't want to make holes and add buttons - definitely would have ruined it. So was really into finding a broach to use as a way to close the top of the open cardigan. I haven't been able to find anything too lovely that was reasonable.

Today I dropped by Button Button to check out button options. I thought I could glue a bar pin to the back and convert the button into a broach. Easy peasy and probably a pretty reasonable creation.

Now Button Button is a small store with TONS of stuff... Very overwhelming to be honest.

I wanted a silver button, pretty big and elegant... Something I knew would fit with my other jewelry and that I wouldn't get tired of.

This is what I ended up buying for $7.75. I have this 'thing' for decorative designs... Kind of girlie. It's a pewter antique button reproduction. You find the darndest things in Button Button!

I'll glue the bar pin to the back then should be good to go! I would imagine my broach will cost under $10. It'll definitely work for the time being. Maybe I'll find something in a thrift store that's better. We'll see!

After Button Button, I hit Collective Stone again. Unfortunately I dismantled the bracelet I repurposed before getting a photo of it! Bad DIY-er... Gesh! Hopefully you can get an idea of what the bracelet looked like below. I bought this bracelet from the Salvation Army for $2.50. Bracelets annoy me for some reason. I tried wearing this piece since it was pretty but I couldn't do it. I decided to repurpose it into a necklace of some sort!

I worked with Dominique this time. We looked at chains, brainstormed on ideas and then took apart my bracelet. This is the chain I decided to go with.

Here it is... It went through a few variations. I find you go from complicated (basically adding EVERYTHING) and then you remove items to make it simple and clean.

I used 2 of the 4 pieces then added a drop stone to it. I thought this would give it some weight and colour... The necklace needed something to jazz it up! I was going to try to use the bracelet's end pieces for the clasp in the back but they didn't work so we went with the below clasp. I can always use the remaining pieces for another jewelry project.

The necklace cost me under $20 in total - $2.50 for the bracelet then $15 for the supplies from Collective Stone.

Recent Finds

This weekend I hope to work on my cabinet. I found this Pyrex dish to go with my collection. Maybe one of the pieces I'll 'feature' in my finished cabinet. I love turquoise... And birds... And flowers. So sweet and it was $5.99. Great find indeed!