The woodworking buzz is on

Woodworking class 3 of 6 down. Best class yet - we finally got to start on our projects... And to use the power tools. Yay!

Here I am using the joiner on my 2 by 4s. I cleaned up the edges so I could then glue them together. I'm using the 2 by 4s for the bottom and top pieces of my cabinet.

I was able to get 4 of the 5 top pieces from my main pallet joined and glued together.

These pieces will be for the sides of my cabinet. Next week I'll finish up the sides then use the saw to trim them to size. I also hope to glue the 2 by 4s together for the top and bottom pieces.

Prior to class, I finished removing nails from the 2 by 4s. Eh gad... Not fun work at all! But I should have enough wood for my cabinet.

I didn't dismantle this wood pallet. I got pooped and decided to go to yoga instead. I'll work on this on Friday. Not sure I'll need the wood but best to be prepared!