Ode to power tools

I'm in love with my woodworking class... Despite shutting down one of the machines in yesterday's class and having a minor fear of injury I'm super thrilled with the class. Oh and then there's the debates about recycling with the instructor. Ah we're 'bonding' or so I think. He helped me glue wood together yesterday so we're at least bonding literally. ;-P

My wood pallet is going through a transformation. It's in the middle of looking classy and rustic... I might beat it up a bit to bring it back to rustic. The planing has made it look too nice! Although the holes from the nails are still pretty darn prominent!



The sides are good to go! I'll trim them to the final size next week. Here are the 2 by 4s on the left from last week and now they're glued together and planed on the right. Yay!

I decided to use part of the wood supplied by the course for the top and bottom of the cabinet. I was going to use the other pallet but decided against it. Unfortunately I won't have time to make the shelves but I should be able to get all of the other pieces assembled. Next step will be staining and painting. Slowly but surely it's all happenin'!

And here's my planing incident... This piece got stuck in the planer. Oops! Man I felt like a nitwit but really it must happen all the time! Or so I'm hoping.

Eastside Culture Crawl

Today I'm off for brunch with friends then doing some culture crawling. A few of us went out Friday night to check out studios and art. Looking for inspiration!

I did find a couple of nifty ideas on my travels. Not necessarily art but more craft. Loved these necklaces that had pendants made from vintage typewriter keys. They were gorgeous!

And then these bracelets. Such a funky idea!

My favourite place was the Union Wood Company on Railway Street. Great area of town with some pretty funky studio spaces. At Union Wood Company, we were able to check out their work area with all the tools, etc. Good times!

The Union Wood Company makes custom furnishings and supplies local stores with their wares. Stores they supply include Old Faithful Shop in Gastown and The Cross Decor & Design in Yaletown. Even better they use reclaimed and repurposed materials from salvage yards, antique stores, demolition sites and other sources.

I really liked this headboard made with wood and steel. Great little shop!

Here's hoping today's jaunt brings more inspiration! At least it's sunny out... A bit chilly but not raining. That's a bonus for a November day in Vancouver!

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