My latest love - repurposing jewelry

This week I'm working on repurposing some jewelry I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Store. I bought these crazy earrings for $2.50. The bows are a bit much but I loved the hearts. I'm not sure what the earrings are made of but they have potential.

First step was to remove the bows and stems. These earrings seem so 80s...

Here are the hearts. Really liking the design on them and the shape.

I decided to turn the earrings into pendants. I'm either going to use both hearts on one necklace or make two pendants. I'm not sure yet. I have a couple of extra necklaces I can use for the hearts. This is a necklace I bought at Value Village for $1.99 awhile ago. I like the blue stones but the necklace as is seemed kind of blah.

One of my options would be to use this necklace with or without the blue stones and then use both hearts. If I keep the blue stones then I would need to find some silver beads to use as separaters between the hearts and stones. I have no idea about jewelry design so bear with me. Definitely feel free to share your ideas and expertise on this update!

I removed one of the links in the necklace so I could add my hearts to it. Here's the necklace as is with the hearts and stones.

I also could do something with these beads. I bought this necklace ages ago at a garage sale for a couple of dollars. Tomorrow, after my woodworking class, I'm heading to the bead shop in Lonsdale Quay to see what my options are.

My First Jewelry Repurposing Project

A few months ago I repurposed a silver broach I found at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop - it's my lucky place for jewelry finds. The broach was $4 and it's my favourite piece of jewelry. It was quite the deal since the broach is silver.

Here's a close up of the broach. My Dad glued the broach shut then I put it on an old necklace. But it kept flipping over. Luckily a street vendor selling his own jewelry fixed it for me for free. He cut the clasp (since my Dad REALLY glued it shut) then took the stem and curved it around to make a hanger. Easy peasy!

Here's hoping I can come up with a swanky idea for my hearts. I'm getting all girly with these jewelry finds. Loving it!

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