Kicking it at the Culture Crawl & beyond

Yesterday I went to the Eastside Culture Crawl with some friends. On Friday, we checked out Railway Street. Yesterday we walked through Strathcona and then perused a warehouse full of studios on Parker Street. Man it was an amazing location! The warehouse had 4 floors of studios. And it was packed with other crawlers. Such a great vibe!

First was breakfast with Sam and Carrie. I've realized I'm a bit nosey. I was checking out Sam's art, etc. I'm going to steal some of his home decor ideas. He framed this funky stamp from one of his travels. Can't remember from where but it was a series of stamps designed by a famous artist. Made me realize I have stamps stashed in my parents' attic from a trip to Russia way back in the day that would be perfect. Hope I can find them!

After breakfast, we hit the road. It was a perfect November day - chilly, a bit sunny and dry. I got super bundled up for the crawl and was ready to check out art, etc.

Here's one of the woodworking studios in the Parker Street warehouse. There was some pretty amazing furniture. Completely out of my budget of course! And as you can see the warehouse was uber packed.

Thought these cigar boxes were interesting...

And here's an inspiring quote found in the hallways of the warehouse...

On our way back to Sam's from the Culture Crawl, we stepped into this store on Union Street called Land. Neato store with some great home decor ideas like the crate they hung on the wall to display items. I also found these cards from Saturn Press based in Swan's Island, Maine. They use recycled paper and are typeset by hand using an antique letterpress.

I bought these two cards for $5/each. I love owls and I loved the quote on the other card.

I did a quick framing job on the cards. I cut some paper I had bought for another project to mount the cards onto then used photo corners to adhere the cards to the paper.

Here are the prints in the frames. Not sure if they look crappy or not. I'll leave them as is for now and may update the framing job later. Maybe I should use mat board instead but that may not fit with the prints and frames. We'll see!

Hope to get to some more crafty, creative projects this week. I'm feeling inspired! I think Sam, Carrie and I plus some other peeps are going to have a painting par-tee sometime soon. And then next weekend is my final woodworking class. I woke up this morning at 4am in a panic about finishing my project. Kind of sad but really I'm pumped about my project. Mike and I are definitely signing up for the level 2 course. Can't wait!

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