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The final class was today for my woodworking course. The end of the course yet the beginning of the real work. My cabinet is not complete which is a bummer since I can't submit it for the Earth Day Canada’s 2011 Upcycling Challenge. But I'm excited to finish it up and add my personal touch.

After a frustrating day, full of debate with the instructor and a frenzy of last minute work with the power tools, I am pooped. I was able to get all of my pieces complete and now need to add a finish to the cabinet and put it all together. Great course overall... Turns out I have a slight fear of power tools and breaking them. I battled with the planer today. Eventually we made peace and I was able to get things done without shutting it down. Yay for small victories! ;-)

Anyways the course was a FAB experience. The instructor, despite our many differences, was uber lovely and imparted some wisdom. And I'll even admit I wasn't the best student since I really wasn't the greatest of listeners at times.

Here's the cabinet thus far... The left is the front, the right is the back. The top and bottom use the wood supplied by the course, the sides and back are the pallet wood and the legs are from the dump.

The workshop was all abuzz today with everyone finishing up their projects...

I started by gluing my top and bottom pieces together. I cut the pieces last week and glued them together today. Next step was to trim them to the final size.

Here's the top glued together...

And here's the back and sides glued together. After gluing side one, the instructor and I drilled holes into the side then added the screws. Once this was done then we did the second side.

While waiting for the table saw, I tested out the drill press to see if I could make a hole in the wood that would fit the legs. Good news! It was the perfect size.

I got all 4 holes drilled easily! A bit of glue and the legs will be added to the cabinet in a jiffy.

Next step is to finish the cabinet... I need to oil or stain the wood then figure out the stenciling and then assemble it. The bottom, top and middle are separate parts but not for long!

This is my friend Mike's finished bench. We're both taking the level 2 course... A taste of power tools and you're hooked! No doubt about it!

This week I'll figure out my plan for finishing up my project. I love this before and after via sticks and bricks. The finish is rustic which was what I was hoping for but after planing my wood from the pallet it's looking too slick at this point.

I'm still thinking of stenciling a design. Love these examples - the left is from Design*Sponge. It's from Barb Blair's (aka Knack) stenciling tutorial. The right is from sticks and bricks. Check out the floor! Both the tables and floor stenciling rock!

Next weekend is when I get hardcore about finishing the cabinet. Gluing, stenciling, assembling... It's all happenin'!

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