Getting the love, giving the love

The past while I've definitely been feeling the TBD love... Well the love in general to be honest. Lots of fun stuff going on, new friends, lots of work... And then kicking power tool butt has definitely been the icing for me these days.

This week the 'Artist Among Us' feature went out. This was a mini article about me for the Arts Office. It features North Vancouver municipal staffers who have a creative sideline... Of course mine being Thrifty By Design. Here's the link to the feature. Let me know what you think!

So as far as getting love... I'm getting a bunch which has been super FAB!

I've also been sharing the love. Nice to have 'skills' to share and help your friends in their endeavours... Whether it's setting up Facebook pages for a couple of friends who are starting up new businesses or designing a website for another friend. Or of course making pillow covers! This is the one for my yoga buddy Gina whose baby is soon to arrive.

Tonight I'll sew it up then it'll be good to go. And this Saturday is power tool time. Only 2 classes left and hopefully I can make some serious progress on my open cabinet.

Off to yoga... Life is good! :-)

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